Terms of Service

Terms of Use

The terms and conditions play a function in formally uniting the two parties on an equal footing. You will find our requirements and expectations for you as a customer in the terms and conditions that you are about to read. Our business, Docs Bizkit, provides a variety of materials and documents with the goal of assisting business owners with HR, legal, financial, and other business documents in order to manage and eventually grow their enterprises. Docs Bizkit brand is a unit of Corpbiz Pvt Ltd. This website is managed by Corpbiz from Floor B, 2nd, 78, Block B, Sector 60, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301. The link to the Corpbiz website is- https://corpbiz.io/.

Docs Bizkit is a sub-unit of https://corpbiz.io/ performing and managing all its operations and functions as per the terms and conditions established by Corpbiz Pvt. Ltd. Furthermore, the payment gateway will be functional under the parent company “Corpbiz, i.e., https://corpbiz.io/.

Before using any of our services or purchasing any of our products, we strongly advise you to read the terms and conditions laid out by us. Docs Bizkit is a unit of Corpbiz Pvt. Ltd. By using any of our services or purchasing any of our products, you are indicating your agreement to all the terms stated in terms of the contract. This will prevent misunderstandings and legal disputes in the future for both parties. However, if you disagree with the agreement or any part of it, please stop using our website right away.

Terms and Conditions

This agreement is very rigorous and admissible in a court of law. We would like to ask that you read the content of this page carefully and comprehend every last detail before you begin utilizing our services and products. When you accept our terms and conditions and go on to choose to use us, you’re committing to follow all the rules set forth by us, as well as to use the Docs Bizkit services in accordance with those rules. All of this indicates that your continued use of our website places you under total obligation and liability. Any time you choose to violate our terms and conditions, you will be subject to the correlating legal consequences. Again, before agreeing to our terms and conditions, make sure you have carefully read the entire agreement. If you have any questions about any of the terms and conditions listed, please stop using our website.

Authorized use of our Website

Every user is permitted to use our services and products only in accordance with our company’s terms and conditions and always in and for good faith.

The users must also concur that the services offered by our website and business, in general, may not be used dishonestly, illegally, or carelessly. The client shall also refrain from engaging in any activities that would jeopardize or harm docsbizkit.com’s overall interests, legal rights, or reputation. Docs Bizkit brand is a unit of Corpbiz Pvt. Ltd.

The user must use our website and services in a manner consistent with ethical behaviour. Users should only concentrate on their purchased products, business requirements, and other matters rather than interfering with the operations and activities of the website and its services. Any dishonest behaviour, such as impersonating another user, stealing our data, or hacking, is forbidden and is punishable by law. Since we put our faith and trust in you by meeting your needs and demands, we expect honesty from your end. The User should refrain from taking any actions or engaging in any activities that might harm, render inoperable, overwhelm, deteriorate, or prevent the normal use of Docs Bizkit and other connected services, as these actions may interfere with the services provided by the website. All attempts to manipulate or copy any aspect of the website or the services provided without express prior consent from Docs Bizkit are prohibited. This includes using artificial intelligence, spiders, robots, or other mechanisms like mobile application tools or programs. In a similar manner, it is forbidden to access or attempt to obtain website content using tools or techniques that Docs Bizkit, a unit of Corpbiz, has not approved.

The user must have the necessary hardware, software, and equipment to use the services offered by docsbizkit.com, as well as pay all fees associated with doing so.

The rights that are granted to you in accordance with the terms and conditions laid out by the business are highly private and personal, and they should under no circumstances be transferred to or assigned to a third party, including parties or affiliated companies that are a part of the same business, without docsbizkit.com prior written consent. Following the delivery of the requested services, the user expressly agrees that the website may publish advertising for the offered services, whether or not it is pertinent to the search results.

Email and Notifications

When you give docsbizkit.com your email address, you authorize the company to use email instead of other contact methods to send you service-related templates and alerts, such as those mandated by law. Also, additional crucial announcements like newly introduced service features, exclusive offers, and newsletters will be shared with you by email. Depending on what is required, we might additionally send you further notifications through email, mobile notifications, or by simply posting material on the official docsbizkit.com website.

When given an email address, docsbizkit.com maintains the right to choose the method of notifying its registered users of any information. Additionally, we as a business disclaim any liability for any automatic filters you may have set up to block or obstruct our email or mobile notifications.

Imagery, Typefaces, and Clips

Not all of the graphics, videos, and typefaces used on websites are available for free. They are a crucial component of both docsbizkit.com’s website and its product. It is forbidden to use or distribute these visuals for anything other than the services or template designs that have been provided to you. And by doing so, you are violating our website’s terms and conditions, which could get you into problems with the law or end in your blacklisting.

Validity of Purchase

Any type of business document, including HR, financial, legal, and other document files, can be purchased at docsbizkit.com. These business documents are created with the help of professionals, documentation experts, and content creators and are also available for editing, downloading, and modification. After paying for the services, these materials may be downloaded numerous times over the course of a year. If you are unable to download these business documents, docsbizkit.com will not issue a full refund or other forms of compensation. Instead, if you wish to continue receiving updates for the good or service after your subscription has ended, you must renew your subscription; the renewal cost for all documents is the same as the cost listed on our website right now.

Document Files and Templates

Every business template and document that is made available online remains the exclusive property of docsbizkit.com. Any use of these templates and documents without the company’s consent or a standard license is a breach of the terms and conditions and a violation of intellectual property rights, both of which are strictly forbidden and illegal.

Product Modifications

The user is granted full permission to change, alter, or modify the provided document in a way that is ideal and necessary when you purchase any business documents from our website. Also, you retain the right to make decisions, and docsbizkit.com is not obligated to adapt or change the product so that it works better for you.

Errors, Corrections and Changes

docsbizkit.com makes no claims that the website is free from viruses, bugs, or other such components, and we make no assurances that any errors or defects will be fixed. The website makes no guarantees or representations on the accuracy, timeliness, or reliability of any information provided. docsbizkit.com features, functionality, or content may be changed at any moment. Additionally, we have the right to change or remove any documents, material, or other content as we see fit, at our sole discretion.

Trademark, Copyright and Intellectual Property Claims

We, as a business, respect each other’s legal rights to their intellectual property. If you see any information or materials on the website and think they violate any intellectual property rights, including trademark and copyright, please review our policy page or get in touch with us.

Unlawful Activities

We have the right to look into any complaint or alleged breach of our terms and conditions. We also take matters into our own hands and work to take the proper measures, which are but not restricted to the following: disclosing our services and documents to partners or affiliates and any suspicious or illegal activity carried out by you. When we refer to sharing our services or documents, we refer to any information pertaining to our website, including traffic data, IP addresses, published content, usage data, email addresses, and other information. Please get in touch with us right away if you suspect any illegal activity.

Connecting to Third-Party Sources
  • Link to docsbizkit.com: We have the full right to maintain or terminate any links that a user may have to docsbizkit.com. The website has the full authority to terminate any connection between a user and the site.
  • Link from docsbizkit.com: There may be links to other websites in the docsbizkit.com template and website downloads. We have no control over or responsibility for any content posted by any third-party websites, and we don’t even support or sponsor those websites, even if they are connected to us.
Refund and Return Policies

The products are displayed exactly as they are on the docsbizkit.com website. To the fullest extent permitted by current law, they are therefore excluded from any verbal or written claim, particularly features for satisfaction or fitness. The cost of the goods and services is fixed, and customers are not eligible for a refund or return policy unless the following requirements are satisfied:

  • Refunds apply when business documents are not delivered as a result of email provider sending problems. In this case, the user must contact the website directly for assistance and further action. The document must be claimed as not having been delivered by the user within 7 days of the order receiving date; otherwise, it will be presumed that the user has received and downloaded the document.
  • Now, the business will handle the refund in the original way of transaction in circumstances of multiple payments or additional payments. Your bank account will receive the money in two to three days.
  • Our Technical Support Team will assist the customer if he has trouble opening or downloading the document files. Within three days, the user must get in touch with the company; otherwise, the business would assume the product has been successfully downloaded and used.
  • A refund will not be given if you purchase the incorrect business paperwork. Since the business document is a digital product that can be easily downloaded or copied, unlike physical objects, you cannot return it to us.
  • If there are numerous problems and errors in the business document, you will be given compensation in the form of a replacement rather than a refund. In this case, the business will need temporary access to your server, and if you refuse or don’t comply, you won’t be eligible for any reimbursement.
Refund and Cancellation

Once the payment has been done, it is impractical to cancel the request. No discounts will be offered except for termination or non-execution of administration by Docs Bizkit/Corpbiz.

100% Money-Back Policy

Only one situation will result in a user receiving a full refund of the money they paid us: if our policies have not been updated to reflect the most recent legal requirements. It takes 48 hours for the updated information to appear on our official website when the government changes an existing law or enforces a new one. You cannot access the refund policy for those 48 hours.

  • Application: Only the Statutory and Employee Policy Module is covered by this policy.
  • Procedure: The procedure is to either provide or show us any outdated documentation. After we receive the document, we will respond to your inquiry via email and phone call within 24 hours on the registered mobile number you provided, and if all the requirements are met, we will start the 100% refund process for you within 3 to 5 working days. The refund will take place as per the rules prescribed by Corpbiz Pvt. Ltd.
Liability Disclaimer

docsbizkit.com is not responsible or liable for any losses brought on by your use of our products or services or by your negligence. These situations can include but are not limited to, incidental losses, consequential losses, special damages, lost wages, and direct or indirect damages.

Users alone are responsible for user accounts, passwords, and any other aspects of access to our website and products. Since all acts conducted through a user’s account are their responsibility, docsbizkit.com will not be held responsible for any illegal activity or actions.

There is no connection whatsoever between any links to docsbizkit.com that may be discovered on other platforms or websites and the company. The company’s terms and conditions will be read, construed, and governed by the law, and docsbizkit.com has the full power and authority to pursue any legal action before a court of law to obtain an injunction or other relief if it is necessary to do so. A waiver of docsbizkit.com’s rights and privileges as the website’s owners cannot be inferred from any activity unless it is expressly stated in writing. Any part of this agreement that a court finds to be unenforceable will not impact the other parts, which are all still enforceable.

Without providing users with any previous notice, docsbizkit.com is entirely free to modify, change, terminate, or amend its Terms and Conditions policy, along with the products and services. The parties to this agreement hereby agree and favour the use of English for all written and verbal communications in connection with any subsequent agreements. The terms and conditions set out in the provisions of this agreement are hereby regarded enforceable and enter into force right away. The following events shall not in any way make docsbizkit.com liable for any damage, loss, dispute, responsibility, or malfunction of any kind:

  • Any inaccuracies or omissions in the website’s content, as well as any services or goods purchased therefrom,
  • If the web or any of its functions are unavailable or interrupted,
  • Your online behaviour,
  • The data on docsbizkit.com, or
  • Any performance issues or delays that are not beyond the website’s control.

The above limitation shall be applicable in favour of any and all other remedies that users may have against us and the aggregate liability of docsbizkit.com with respect to all claims arising out of or related to this website and/or the products, data, documents and services provided.

Service Rules

You must consent to refrain from all of the following actions before using our services:

  • Copying, revealing, or disseminating any of docsbizkit.com’s content, in whole or in part, particularly scraping, whether automated or not.
  • The automated systems that access the content of docsbizkit.com include offline readers, robots, spiders, and others. These automated systems generate more messages and requests per minute than a person could ever do with these methods. The right to use materials and content from our website may be revoked as a result of such actions.
  • Sending chain emails, spam, and other unsolicited advertising materials via email.
  • Compromising system integrity or making an effort to compromise the system, as well as analysing any information form on our docsbizkit.com servers.
  • Performing any action that could put our website under an unreasonably or abnormally significant load, as judged by docsbizkit.com, a unit of Corpbiz Pvt. Ltd. at the discretion of the court.
  • Using docsbizkit.com to upload viruses, incorrect data, or even other virtual agents.
  • Gathering or harvesting any personal data from Docs Bizkit, including account names and emails.
  • Using the website to solicit business.
  • Fraud, impersonating someone else, falsifying affiliations with other people or organizations, and hiding or attempting to disguise your identity are all prohibited.
  • Preventing docsbizkit.com from operating as intended
  • Using methods other than those offered or permitted by docsbizkit.com to access website content.
  • Trying to bypass security precautions used to block or prevent access to the website, such as, but not limited to, safety precautions used to block or prohibit access, theft of any data, or restrictions placed on how the website may be used.

Please get in touch with us if you have any queries or suggestions about the terms and conditions.