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Attention all the influencers, marketers, editors, Youtubers, and startup business ventures! Earn excellent rewards by placing a banner and promoting our brand on your website. Being India’s leading documentation platform, Docs Bizkit offers a great opportunity to all startup owners and digital business platforms to earn an amazing commission of 25% by promoting our brand on their websites and YouTube channels. Over 20K+ was paid to the startup owners in commissions in the last 3 months alone. You need to refer visitors to the Docs Bizkit website by placing a banner of our brand on your website or by any other means. Every referral counts.

Benefits of our Affiliate Program

Earn Good Commission upto 25%

Complete Tracking of Customers List

Get Paid by the 10th of Every Month


Develop Additional Revenue Stream

Resale our Documents at a 25% margin

Secure Transaction

Wider Scope

Growth Opportunities

Complete Tracking of Traffic


Grow your Network

Earn Amazing Commissions with Us.

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Our Affiliate Partner


An affiliate program is an official agreement in which a business makes a payment to another business or influencer, or content creator. This payment is in the form of a commission made for sending traffic or increasing the sale of a partner's business.

Since this work is completely based on rewards and commission, it depends on the efforts made by an individual and results driven by hard work. An increase in traffic, a boost in sales, and sales conversion are the factors that determine the benefits made by affiliate partners. Some partners are making lakhs of Rupees per day, while some are struggling to cross the mark of thousand.

Firstly, you need to create an affiliate account. Fill in the details such as your name, email, company bank account, PAN Number, Bank Account Number, and other details.

Our commission range starts from 10% and goes up to 25%. It totally depends upon your referral potential, traffic, and the contribution made by you in increasing our sales.

Yes, affiliate marketing is a paid activity. Firms generally pay affiliates per sale. They pay less frequently on the basis of clicks or impressions. The three significant types of affiliate marketing are unattached affiliate marketing, involved affiliate marketing, as well as related affiliate marketing.

The number of leads referred, traffic count, sales value, etc., are the factors we consider while making the payment.