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Docs Bizkit Privacy Policy

We hope this privacy policy will help you better understand how your information is gathered, used, and kept when you visit or buy our documents and templates. Docs Bizkit brand is a unit of Corpbiz Pvt Ltd . This website is managed by Corpbiz from Floor B, 2nd, 78, Block B, Sector 60, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301. The link to the Corpbiz website is-

Docs Bizkit is a sub-unit of performing all its operations and functions as per the privacy policy established by Corpbiz Pvt. Ltd. Furthermore, the payment gateway will be functional under the parent company “Corpbiz, i.e.,

Personal Information we Collect

When a person visits our website, we first automatically gather certain data about the device they are using, such as their time zone, details about their web browser, and cookies that have been approved by their device. Furthermore, when you continue to browse a website, we may also gather other data about you, such as the web pages you have already seen, your search history, and other specifics about the websites you frequently visit. It automatically gathers data and information, often called “Device Information.”

In making an online purchase, we also require you to complete a brief form, just like any other website. We ask you to fill out a form when you join up to buy our services or products from our website, and this is how we get your personal data, such as your name, phone number, email address, shipping address, and more. The term “Order Information” refers to these details.

Device Information and Order Information are included when we refer to “gathering your personal information.” Also, these two pieces of information form the foundation of the privacy policy. Docs Bizkit is a unit of Corpbiz Pvt. Ltd.

How do we utilise your Personal Information?

Typically, the order information is gathered in order to deliver or complete any orders placed through a certain website. Also, the websites are in charge of disseminating information about payments, invoices, and purchase confirmations. In a similar manner, in order to deliver our users’ business documents securely, we gather order information from them. But we also utilize order information for the following purposes:

• To interact with you

• To prevent potential risk or theft of your orders

• We show you ads or information about the same items and services based on your preferences and expressed interests.

Now, we use the device data we gathered to safeguard against potential risks like fraud and theft (particularly the IP address), as well as to enhance and optimize our site (such as, with this data, we can analyse how our users interact and browse our website and also to analyse the success rate of our advertising and marketing campaigns).

Do Not Track

As a user, you should be aware that when we receive a “Do Not Track” signal from a browser, we do not alter our data-gathering policies or procedures. We adhere to our policies, which have been developed for the benefit of both parties.

Data Retention

Unless a user requests that we erase their information for whatever reason, we maintain the order information for a record whenever a user places an order from our website.


Under specific conditions, such as changing our methods or procedures or for other operational, legal or regulatory reasons, we have the complete legal authority to update and/or modify the privacy policy from time to time.

Law and Jurisdiction

You consent to collecting, storing, and handling your personal information as set forth in our privacy policy by using a website or registering to buy any of our services or products. This privacy policy applies to all these activities, including any inquiries or legal challenges involving your privacy. This policy has been developed in compliance with the laws and rules established by Indian law, and Indian courts will only have jurisdiction in cases of disagreement.